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Technology Used: Swift, SwiftUI, Combine, Neural Networks, Apple Vision API

PowerliftPal is an in development iOS application which will be able to simulate a powerlifting meet along with giving tips to optimize technique for the big three lifts: Squat, Bench, Deadlift. Currently, the app can get human pose key-points and detect and track a barbell in real time or on a pre-recorded video. Some demonstrations of the apps functionality can be seen below!

PowerliftPal: Product

Annotated Squat Video

The green box is provided by our barbell tracking algorithm. The red box is provided by our barbell detection algorithm. The blue dots are provided by the Apple Vision API.

PowerliftPal: Video

App Walkthrough

A demonstration of one of PowerliftPal's functionalities. The user uploads a video from their camera roll. The video is then processed and displayed to the user where they can see the barbell tracking and human pose detection. From here, the user can save the video to their own camera roll.

PowerliftPal: Video
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