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Technologies Used: C++, Arduino, Variable Speed Drive, DC Motors, Solenoid Valves, LCD Display

Previously, in order to create samples for our customers at IV Miller, we would have to set up the entire production line for a run of 10-20 caps which was very inefficient. This new system allowed for sample caps to be made without interfering with production at all. Our first coat was applied by using a dc motor and gear box to spin the cap and a spray gun which allowed the coat to be applied evenly and thoroughly. Our silver application (pictured here) was applied through a sequence of spray guns and a variable speed dc motor. The top coat, which was our colored layer required more precision. We reused the motor from the top coat to spin the cap but the guns spray duration was set to the millisecond. This duration was adjustable through a potentiometer combined with an Arduino and a LCD display. The top coat system allowed for fine tuning of the top coat to get the color and protection desired by our customers.

IV Miller - Offline Silvering System: Product
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